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A Weekend Away in Fort Saskatchewan

Everyone loves time off from work, but it isn’t always affordable to go away. Rather than traveling to a far-off destination, however, what if you took a little “staycation?”

Traveling as a local resident has distinct advantages. There are fewer language barriers, you already know how the currency works, and these destinations are in your backyard.

One of these communities that we recommend for a weekend away is Fort Saskatchewan. Although it may not have crossed your mind initially, this city holds many secret gems to discover.

Small City with Big Industries

You can always gauge how rugged or metropolitan an area is, and the type of occupations they have, based on what sort of new vehicles people drive there. You’ll likely see off-road vehicles and Ford trucks rather than a sports car.

The city is home to major chemical company names, including the likes of Dow Chemical, Shell Canada, and Sherritt International, just to name a few. The economy is strong, and it’s nice that many people stay employed with stable firms.

The population is only around 25,000. However, despite its smaller stature, the city is surprisingly diverse.

We’re still seeing plenty of new resident licenses, business licenses, and new car registration filings. From retail shops to Ford Dealership choices, the city is developing quickly.

Dow Centennial Centre

In addition to heavy industrial companies providing jobs, they also give back by sponsoring public facilities. One of the local favorites is the Dow Centennial Centre, which has many indoor recreational activities to select.

The centre is home to many different activity types, bringing in locals and visitors alike. You can look forward to an ice arena, an indoor track and field fitness facility, a gymnasium, and more.

Depending on what the current season is will undoubtedly dictate what you’ll be able to enjoy. If nothing else, it’s an appealing place to stay warm and get a little exercise.

If fitness isn’t what you’re after, don’t worry. The Games Den is where the excitement is!

This separate game area features many competitive tabletop games such as air hockey, foosball, or even arcade video games. You can host your very own game tournament, or challenge a stranger to your favorite game!

Summer Recreation

One of the countless things to admire about Fort Saskatchewan is all the outdoor summer activities. Whichever way that you prefer to enjoy the warmer season, you can find your favorite hobbies here!

Fort Saskatchewan Prairie, a local park which doubles as rare native prairie land. You can hike the trails and see several species of wildlife along the way.

The park is also next to Red Coat Landing Boat Launch, a favorited place to spend the day on the water. Here, you can launch your boat on the North Saskatchewan River.

Of the many public parks, Legacy Park is where much of the public events remain held. In the summer, we take advantage of the warm weather to enjoy many special activities.

In the first weekend of June, we host our Legacy Park Family Festival. We celebrate our community with live local entertainment, as well as food vendors, and of course, our famous sheep!

Canada Day is also when we have another summer festival. Enjoy our annual parade, free concert, fireworks, and more!

Most of the year, you can enjoy a refreshing swim at the Harbour Pool. This community indoor swimming pool also features a slide, hot tubs, saunas, and Dive-In Movies in the summer.

Winter Activities

If you prefer colder weather activities, you can find many winter recreation options. In fact, you can enjoy several colder season sports in one convenient location.

The Jubilee Recreational Centre is home to ice hockey, ice skating, and more. Or, if you’re visiting during summer, you can catch a lacrosse match.

Winter hiking and cross-country walking is an invigorating way to spend time outdoors. Or, if you prefer to see wildlife, head southeast of town to Elk Island National Park.

This local nature park is known for its American bison conservation efforts. Other wildlife includes deer, porcupine, beavers, hooved mammals, and more interesting species.

In September, we bid farewell to our city’s famous sheep. Once summer ends, the sheep get paraded back to the Fort Heritage Precinct where they’ll remain cared for until it’s warm once more.

After that, you can look forward to the Enchantment Forest. Our annual tradition is championed by our local businesses and volunteers as they make city hall ready for the holidays.

Finally, our Holiday Light Up Celebration and annual Santa Parade make the entire city festive. Once these events wrap up, the holiday season is officially underway!

What Do I Need for My Trip?

Because of the different activities and recreational options, there’s plenty of possible things to bring. Whether you merely enjoy sightseeing or spending a week outdoors, you can find it all.

A quick look at the city and it seems that the vehicle of choice for many residents is a new Ford vehicle. Whether it’s their affordability or versatile range of models, many people are proud Ford owners.

You shouldn’t need to rent or buy new trucks at a Ford dealership just for this trip. However, it does appear that some vehicles seem better suited for traveling about our town than others.

The temperature stays fair most of the year, so jeans and a shirt are a must. On average, you look forward to a warm summer season in the mid-20s, as well as a more extended colder season.

Finally, bring whatever you need for fun. If you’re missing a trailer hitch or need a car jack, you may want to check in with a truck dealership, especially if you drive used vehicles.

Vegreville Ford is a good option if you haven’t entirely made it to Fort Saskatchewan yet. They deal with both used and new cars and they have many different vehicles for sale. They should also have everything you need to get back on the road.