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Is Lac La Biche the Next Destination Wedding Spot?

Destination weddings are a great way to combine your love of travel with your dream wedding day ceremony. However, choosing an ideal exotic location like Hawaii is often unobtainable for most of your preferred guests.

Instead, why not choose somewhere closer? Lac La Biche, for example, has many opportunities for a unique wedding away from home.

Whether you’re looking for a different type of beach wedding or want to explore the great outdoors with guests, Lac La Biche may be the best place. Below are some reasons why the town may be the next big spot.

Any Style of Wedding, Anytime

The local tourism economy is thriving, and there are recreational opportunities for any season. Whether you’re choosing between an intimate outdoor setting or a larger, traditional ceremony, you’ll find ample venues and activities.

Our area of Alberta is ideal for numerous types of hobbies and interests. It’s great to go camping in a remote area that’s close to car dealerships, restaurants, and retail shopping options.

Just make sure that your vehicles are up to the challenge. Many people roll in with used cars not outfitted for the rugged, cold roads.

Unless you want to spend half your honeymoon looking for a Ford or truck dealership, know ahead of time what you need for a great week away.

Lac La Biche Sandy Beaches

A beach wedding is a classic outdoor ceremony preferred by happy couples all around the world. Just because you’re in Alberta doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yours!

Lac La Biche is home to over 100 beaches. Of the most popular locales, Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park Beaches are some of the closest ones.

Here, the shore meets the water in this island public park. You could have a beach wedding that rivals the coast!

Sir Winston Churchill is also a remote camping spot. If you require a lot of modern amenities, you may want to rethink holding your celebration here.

Scenic Lac La Biche Golf & Country Club

Are you seeking something a bit posher for your wedding? Do you need to see new vehicles in the parking lot rather than sand?

Those seeking a traditional country club wedding are in luck. Our local establishment, the Lac La Biche Golf & Country Club, has what you need.

And because this location is here in Alberta, your summer wedding could go for hours! It’s not uncommon for the summer sun to stick around until 10 pm!

The course is built along the lake, creating gorgeous scenic views. In fact, playing here is just an excuse to take in the sights.

This full course would make a memorable backdrop for a family wedding outdoors. And, with an entire day of sunshine in the summer, the party would seemingly never end!

Dark Lakeland Provincial Park

Maybe it’s not the ceremony that worries you, but you don’t know where to spend your honeymoon. Lakeland Provincial Park is a local dark sky area, lending itself to be a natural light show no matter the season.

The Northern Lights frequent our area. They’re visible from winter to early spring; however, sometimes you can watch them during the summer as well.

In fact, a favorite evening activity here in Lac La Biche is to find a frozen lake or pond and watch them from there. There’s nothing better than a folding chair, a blanket, and the Northern Lights!

However, camping in the colder months can be dangerous, especially if your vehicle isn’t ready. Most people around here head over to Vegreville Ford, where they have an experienced service department.

If you’ve never driven in snow before, then you certainly want to have your vehicle inspected and outfitted. Whether you drive used vehicles or new trucks, it helps to have a local set you up for success.

Winter Recreation

One of the most common draws for tourists is the winter outdoor sports opportunities. Snow skiing is an especially favorite sport for many.

You can find ski trails throughout the town for varying levels of skill. One of the closest trails is also among the simplest.

Ballfield Loop Trail is a one-kilometer loop trail, located in Lakeland Provincial Park. This low-difficulty course begins at Shaw Lake’s Day Use entrance.

Moonlight-Lake Loop Trail, in the same area, is much more challenging. Here, cross-country skiers can enjoy a rugged 11- kilometer loop of challenging terrain.

Where Should You Stay?

As a small Alberta town, there may not be many options in hotels. Two are a bit newer than others.

The Ramada Lac La Biche is affordable and places you outside of the local college campus. This hotel is an excellent choice if you’re staying for a school event, or you happen to need to lodge closer to the 55.

On the other end of town closer to the airport is the BCMInns Lac La Biche. That is also an excellent choice, especially if you don’t want to rent a vehicle.

Finally, what about if you’re planning a camping trip? That is also simple to do.

There are over 1,300 campgrounds in the immediate area. The large number of options is a great factor to consider, whether you’re looking for more amenities or more natural camping.

Bruce Point Resort offers everything you need for lakeside camping. In addition to the beach and a boat launch, you can find firewood and fire pits, fishing and cleaning areas, showers and flushing toilets, and more modern camping amenities.

If you believe that less is more, then the Knights of Columbus Grounds is for you. There may be fewer offered amenities, but there’s enough there for a good time.

Fire pits are available for campers to use, but you are required to bring firewood with you as the camp doesn’t supply it. Each camping stall becomes offered without service; the food hall, however, is entirely serviced.

Just make sure to visit the Ford dealership first. You should never go camping without getting your vehicle running like a new car again.