Vegreville Ford Provides Sales and Service to Residents of Tofield

The History of Tofield

Our great nation has been around for generations. And yet, it feels as if most are unaware of our dense, checkered history.

Where there were once many indigenous tribes, it wasn’t long before the nation started to transition to the rise of towns. As a result, historic areas like Tofield offer much to be discovered, even to today’s visitors.

Below are some of the many celebrated ways that Tofield links us to the past.

Our Aboriginal Tribes

We owe significant amounts of our heritage to the indigenous tribes which formerly lived in this area. Although they were always on the move, they did frequent our area.

Though many tribes frequented the area before the settlers, the two most significant tribes in Tofield were the Cree and the Blackfoot.

In the mid to late 1800s, the Cree were successful in gaining aid from Chief Ketchamoot and his 400 fighters. Together, the Cree defeated the Blackfoot and their allies.

While they may have won the battle, it became clear that the Cree were no longer able to remain in the Beaverhill Lake area.

Chief Ketchamoot, whom Ketchamoot Creek gets its name from, stayed behind until his passing. By the 1890s, settlers began establishing the first educational building, leading to the development of our community at the turn of the century.

Where there are now the many new cars and new trucks speeding down the highways, there were once lush fields and roaming bison. However, as all of North America became industrialized, it was only a matter of time before the settlers came and transformed the area.

The Settling of Tofield

Although the new town already had a school and a postmaster, we still weren’t a settlement yet. It wasn’t until a general store. Morton and Adams, popped up in 1906 that the area took off.

Following in Morton and Adam’s footsteps, 1906 also saw the first set of businesses launch. In addition to the new store, folks could shop at a lumberyard, a blacksmith, a hotel, and an apothecary.

In fact, what may be a Ford dealership or truck dealership may have been nothing but farmland back then! It’s surprising to imagine how different everything was before the settlers.

By 1909, our founding was made official. Since those days, we have been slowly but surely growing.

Today, we may still only have a small population, but our town is always among the most populated in Beaver County.

150 Years Later

It’s hard to imagine, but now that we have celebrated our 150th Canada Day celebration, it’s incredible to think that our community has been going for so long. It’s even more exciting to think about where we are headed in the future.

One of our most frequently needed industries is automotive services. Whether you need brakes, an oil change, or other services offered by a car dealership, we offer a fantastic selection.

Other familiar local businesses are trenching and grading companies, trade services, and restaurants. Until we’re able to earn our rank as a city, you can look forward to a real blue-collar community.

If you are hunting for an exciting town that is open to growing, then you may want to consider building a home here. There’s no doubt that our housing lot prices, as well as local construction services, can make you a dream home on a budget!

For the Next 150 Years, and Beyond

As you can tell, our community is mostly a working-class neighborhood with a relatively young population. Most of our residents are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, and kids and teens are a close second.

With so many families in the area, we’re an excellent place to start a family or purchase a vacation home. Buying into our market now is a wise choice before we experience a real estate boom.

While we may have a thriving ranching industry now, it’s only a matter of time before we are able to bring in a top industry leader, such as an energy or oil company, or a large chain retailer. Once that happens, you can expect our population to skyrocket!

The dollar is even beginning to show signs of improvement. If you have been holding off on investing in smaller housing markets, you may find a great deal in Tofield.

What is the Weather Like?

As is the case in many Canadian communities, most of the seasons are either chilly or warm. We believe that our temperatures remain consistently mild compared to the surrounding areas.

Our summer is usually June to August. Here, the temperature reaches up to 30 degrees, with the average being 8.6.

The winters are a bit harsh, either. Spring and autumn may come and go, but winter will often last several months.

November through February sees the temperatures drop significantly. However, January is our coldest month, and the spring comes back in March.

Finally, our rainy season is mostly in July. During the summer, we typically have around 500 mm of rain each year.

What Does Everyone Drive?

Considering our weather patterns, most of us drive used vehicles that keep you safe and warm. These often come in the form of used trucks like the Ford F-150, or used cars like the Fusion.

Purchasing vehicles for sale here may be challenging. You’ll likely have more success driving around and looking for cars for sale by owner, especially if you don’t mind pre-owned vehicles.

Trucks for sale by owner are even more of a rarity, as most of us don’t upgrade to a new Ford vehicle until our older models finally give out on us.

If you’re not finding what you’re after here in town, Vegreville Ford isn’t too far away. They tend to have a better selection of cars for sale over our town’s truck dealership options.