Vegreville Ford Provides Sales and Service to Residents of Two Hills

The Rough Beginnings of an Outlying Community

Commuting from a small town to a more populated city is nothing new. In fact, the act of “commuting” goes back several decades.

However, one town that is unique to the process is Two Hills, Alberta. Despite its establishment well over a hundred years ago, hurdles have kept it from realizing its full potential.

Today, the town is finally beginning to come into its own. You can find a thriving centre of commerce despite the small population.

A little more than 1,400 people call Two Hills home. However, over the years, we’ve seen that number ebb and flow.

A True Small Town

Two Hills is your classic little farming community. You probably won’t find as many new vehicles about town, but instead, rugged used vehicles like old Ford pickup trucks.

Most everyone that lives here works in either agriculture or manufacturing. However, we do have around 100 local businesses keeping the folks here employed.

Of course, those seeking the professional 9-to-5 grind commute back and forth to Edmonton. In contrast, Edmonton is the second most populated community in Alberta!

That drive back and forth is usually all the excitement our residents can handle in one day. They gladly come home to their quiet town each evening.

But what has kept Two Hills from growing past where it is today? A better question, however, may be what hasn’t happened to our community.

Trouble in Paradise

Two Hills was founded by a military veteran by the name of Tom Watt in the early 1900s. While the first wave of residents were English speaking citizens, more immigrants moved in as time went on.

The settlement became a village in 1929. However, this is also when the effects of the Great Depression hit everyone.

If that wasn’t enough, the Great Depression hit directly during a series of fires. The first of the four great fires ravaged the community in 1929, with three more taking place over the next few years.

By 1939, we finally thought we were in the clear. However, once more the world plunged into hardship as World War II was in full force.

The Calming of the Storm

Finally, by the 1950s, peace returned to Two Hills. We incorporated again, this time as a town in 1955, and our more prominent status led to significant growths in jobs.

The town’s luck was turning around. An increase in new cars and new trucks was visible on the roads, while new businesses began taking off.

One of the significant circumstances as to why our community hadn’t grown before is, as a smaller town, we needed younger residents. The older generation was, unfortunately, not being replaced as quickly as needed.

But as our town and the surrounding communities continued to grow, so did the number of residents. It didn’t take long before younger citizens were heading to the car dealership and then taking on jobs in the city.

Even if the drive proved too much of a hassle, people could always find local businesses for work. Vegreville Ford, for instance, is a top Ford dealership in the area.

Notable Attractions

Because we’re still growing, we don’t have much in the way of what’s typically considered “tourist attractions.” However, there are still plenty of things to see and do while you visit here.

Our community offerings include an indoor swimming pool, as well as a sports field complex. These two are among the favourite attractions for our residents.

The Two Hills Swimming Pool features a variety of water activities for all ages. Here you can find lessons, group fitness classes, party rental spaces, children’s pool area, sauna, and much more.

D.M. Geleta Memorial Park combines several recreational options in one convenient complex. Here, visitors can enjoy the sports field, public skating, and more.

Also available at the park is the Two Hills Centennial Hall. This public facility can hold up to 400 guests at one time, and it can be rented for special events.

Finally, our town is in the process of launching a brand-new recreational facility. This new town centre will feature a 24-hour fitness area, curling rink, dance rooms, banquet areas, youth facilities, and much more!

Other Activities

If you are searching for a game of golf, the town has you covered. Two Hills Lions Golf & Country Club is the best half course in the area.

This 9-hole course is as challenging as it is beautiful. In addition to natural hills and manicured grass areas, there are plenty of water hazards and sand traps to avoid.

Our town also has traditional offerings as well. The local museum, the Two Hills & District Museum, offerings a glimpse of our community’s past.

Here, the small two-story home houses many artifacts and items from early settlers. In fact, even the home is one of the original places built in the area!

In addition to the historic home, you can find an old train car nearby. Other offerings include older agricultural equipment and related items.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Despite our stature, our town invests specifically in growth. You can find many natural resources and industries in our area.

Highway 45 runs directly through Two Hills from the east and west. This highway is known for its significant collection of natural oil and gas fields for Alberta.

Because our town is still small, it wouldn’t take much for a top oil and gas company to set up shop. With so many businesses in Alberta, we’re confident it won’t take much longer to court them to come here.

Agriculture has long been Two Hills’ main industry. Our region is known for having nutritious soil, and our climate is ideal for a variety of crops.

Even if growing crops isn’t your forte, raising livestock is big business. Cows, goats, poultry, and other animals are favored options for farms.

Manufacturing has been one of the most influential economies in our town. We’ve seen fast growth in custom steel manufacturing, as well as equipment manufacturing, trailers, and fabrication.