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Is Our “Blue Collar” School Right for You?

One of the biggest things missing from the workforce is trade skills. It’s great to see a push for a college education, but we’re missing out on keeping many skills alive.

Lakeland College has been teaching agricultural courses, vocational training, and emergency training since 1913. Today, our Vermilion campus has about half as many students as the town has full-time residents!

If you are thinking of learning a skilled trade, are going into farming work, or even looking to become a first responder, then you may want to consider coming here. Our small town is full of big surprises.

A Quick History of Vermilion

Like many Alberta towns, Vermilion was founded just after the turn of the century. Incorporated in 1906, it’s surprising that some of our original businesses are still operating!

Much of what makes the town great today began taking place over 100 years ago. Even our name came from the colour of our river valley clay.

That clay was used to make the first buildings, some of which are still standing with these bricks. Another first, the town’s paper, the Vermilion Standard, is still printing the latest news stories.

Two businesses started running before we incorporated, and even they are still standing!

Those two elder businesses are Craig’s and Long’s. Both have been open in the downtown area before there even was one, and they are still in operation today!

Craig’s is our local department store, outfitting us with everything you could ever need. Long’s has the best cure for whatever ails you, being our resident drug store.

Considering how long it was before you would see new vehicles on the road, it’s impressive how many companies are still around. Of course, buying a Ford wasn’t the only option in getting around – the rail station was built in 1905, and horses continued drawing carriages.

At just over 4,000 residents, we still have a long way to go. But with the campus nearby, I’m sure we’ll continue growing without too many hurdles.

Lakeland College Campus

The local campus is home to 500 students, with a couple thousand students enrolled in total. We offer a variety of programs and disciplines, allowing us to attract new students from across the country.

Rather than cramped apartment-style living, we opted for a more communal residency village. The on-campus homes form a single community and are within minutes from the many student services.

Each building comes standard with a common area, kitchen, bathrooms, included laundry, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Additional accounts can be purchased for Internet connections as well.

Family housing is also available on the east end near the campus recreational building. Here, you can rent two-bedroom bungalows and duplexes, although there are only 15 units total.

Whatever students may need, they can likely find it at the bookstore or cafeteria. If not, your residency team can help you!

Health & Recreation

We offer many ways for students to stay active and healthy. The Colonel Cormack Recreation Centre alone offers four forms of fun.

Here, you can exercise at the fitness centre, or get fit in a group at the gymnasium. A swimming pool and hot tub are perfect for water sports, and the squash and racquetball courts are excellent for working out with friends.

These things, including pool access, are included in your tuition. We even offer fitness classes, such as our favorite yoga offering!

If you’re more worried about being social and making new friends, you’re covered there as well. We offer a variety of different student clubs to join.

The Convenient College

Starting college is an odd time for many. Even simple decisions can become a small crisis.

One question many ask is whether they leave the new car that they just received at home, or take it with them? Luckily, with the campus so close to Vermilion, anyone can commute.

Another factor that worries new students is where to take their car if something happens to it? Most college campuses make it difficult to get cars, especially older used vehicles, to a mechanic.

Luckily, our town has many options for either a car dealership or a shop. Vegreville Ford is a preferred Ford dealership for students, parents, and residents.

Small Campus and Big Dreams

What was once only an agricultural school has blossomed to offer many different degrees. We offer many paths to your future.

Whichever career path you choose here, you can discover exciting academic programs, athletics, and a student-managed farm.

However, our focus isn’t only on better farming practices. In addition to agricultural and environmental sciences, we have an award-winning interior design program.

Other programs include Health and Wellness, Human Services, Business, continuing education courses, trades training, and more.

Our most exciting program is our Applied Sciences division. We are a Top 50 research school, and we put our expertise to work searching for the next big thing.

We’re currently researching renewable energy sources, and we even have a net-zero renewable building as our research lab. We may also reinvent the wheel for the new cars of the future!

A Historical Campus

Initially, we were founded as a demonstration farm and called “Vermilion School of Agriculture.” Our first class was laughable by today’s standards; while 7,000 total students pass through each year, only 34 attended then.

It wasn’t until we expanded our classes to offer home economics did we have female students. However, since then, we’ve steadily grown our offerings.

We had two name changes and expanded to vocational training in the 1960s. The original Fire & Emergency Training building started as the Fire Officer’s Training School one year prior.

Since then, we’ve been teaching hands-on mechanic’s training with new Ford vehicle donations. Allowing our students to have experience with both newer models and used vehicles gives them the edge in the professional world.

Many are already working at a local truck dealership, and our program helps them go further. True to our motto, “Ever to Excel”!